Tuesday, March 4, 2008


  • What are the ways to help students achieve a more productive life or lifestyle?
  • Why has it taken so long to develop a consistent data collection plan?
  • What is the most efficacious method of working in/with leadership?
  • Who do I include in the drafting of our plan? What are my “chunking” resources?
  • How do we successfully open the door to funding opportunities as a regional group?
  • What do we bring to the table as a Network? How can we bring cohesiveness – with regard to funding opportunities – to the AHE Network?
  • How can I embed these fund raising ideas in my presentations so that information dissemination is also a “moment of inquiry?”
  • Unique position: Not competing with [my] Board of Directors. My Board is composed of college presidents who have their own fund raising agendas for their individual campuses. I have to constantly work in the group to keep the access network in their outreach efforts.
  • Can we continue the grant writing activity at our April meeting in DC? Maybe each of us can write a grant proposal and have others critique it?
  • How do I organize all my contacts so that I know them better?
  • How do we piece it all together?
  • How do I keep the vision of sustainability going in budget cutting (recession) times? Within my network? With my Board of Directors?
  • What activities and best practices can schools use to promote college access?

MAJOR CONCERN: Preparing/exciting students about higher education, if they are not adequately prepared. Should we consider issues on educational rigor or higher education retention?

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