Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Themes of Sustainability

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Marietta, OH
October 15-17, 2008


Hearing from other projects about best practices and issues/concerns caused me to think outside my own individual perceptions.

The importance of networking, and of building alliances with EDs, PDDs, Program Officers, etc.

There are many ways/tactics/strategies to accomplish the same goal.

Networks count; networking is central to the strength and stability of the AHEN Centers – individually and as a whole.

Time together with a group of people over a sustained period can create a powerful allegiance and a powerful resource. The AHEN group is increasingly important to my work, and to my success in my work.

Being positive and staying focused on the main goal will get the job done.

There is a need for additional activities that schools can use to improve programs.

Economic development must include education . . . and education must be directed to economic development.

Working with Chambers of Commerce and Economic Development Councils is another approach to changing the culture of continuing education. I am going to talk with the MS AHEN Center about this approach.


U.S. Department of Education programs like GEAR UP, and TRIO -- How will/can we work to build “win win” relationships with such programs in order to accomplish mutual goals?

How do you stay focused?

Does our approach with communities work?

How can you ensure success?

Is the AHE Network group interested in becoming a stronger regional network for working with/on P-16 initiatives?

How can you motivate school coordinators to send data on time?

How can we collectively sustain the network? When can we begin next steps on compiling an action plan to do so?

How will the new change in education and the economy affect the Appalachian region?

How can I develop a program to better deliver best practices to TnACHE Partners (a southern meeting similar to OACHE)?


Establish Leadership Goals.

Have a community-driven focus.

Focus on sustainability from the ‘get go” . . . don’t wait to begin a plan for sustainability.

Networking is key.

Examine all funding sources.

Data gathering is key.

Collaborative efforts are stronger than single initiatives.

The need for funding creates a need for conversation and a need for sharing resources.

New people in the group bring us new skill sets and perspectives. Welcome Mississippi!

This has been the best meeting for our AHEN.

Working together as a network and understanding what everyone else (other Centers) is doing will help meet goals.

Communicate often and clearly.

Keep your network strong.

Be transparent and willing to share successes and roadblocks.

Access programs must work together.

All parents want their child to succeed.

Don’t forget the value of networking and publicity.

Communicate with Partners, other AHEN Centers, and TNACHE.

ACT has itemized analyses that can change the use of data at the college level .

Take advantage of other viewpoints and of assistance that is offered.