Friday, November 9, 2007

AHEN Meeting: Part I: Meeting Notes - 10/3/07

What is your AHE Program Vision?

NC - Increase college going graduation rates in Western NC; Collaborate with

WV - Statewide help; Increase college going rate

GA - College becomes the Center for college access for targeted high school, district, state, and graduation coaches

OH - Increase the college going rate in the 29 Appalachian counties in Ohio via collaboration

TN - All children prepared to make a decision to attend college, and have access to information that supports that decisions.

KY - Involve all eligible people (high School) in the KY ACHE

What is your job?

NC - Provide funds advocate leadership

WV - Liaison between WVACHE all schools and the state

GA - Strategies to encounter and assist high school students to finish high school, go to college; become a venue for high school and college collaboration

OH - Locate students, provide information and support

TN - Build again , provide piece of expertise linkage between counties schools and help students

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