Thursday, July 16, 2009

FEDERAL (National & Regional) REFLECTIONS

SQUARE ─Something I Learned that Squares with My Belief; My Work Experiences

  • Relationships are like handlebars and something valuable to hold on to – especially the relationships with members of AHE Network! I learn so much from each.
  • The time is now for change and opportunity to reform education: leadership; accountability; transparency.
  • Change the disconnect between education and the economy.
  • Networking is key.
  • The need to share best practices.
  • Learning from others is important
  • Communities are stronger when the educational structure is productive.

TRIANGLE – 3 Important Points to Remember

  • Communicate with other Centers and state contacts when talking or working with colleagues from that state.
  • The importance of keeping current with policy, data, best practices, and the national scene.
  • Keep in contact with legislators; keep them in the loop.
  • Opportunity is now to get things done.
  • Change relationships to cross the lines.
  • Take advantage of ‘being broke’.
  • Value of leadership
  • “Race to the Top” Money an opportunity
  • 10 data points and ties to money for State Departments of Education
  • Leadership skills are important
  • IEL is about relationships as much as leadership development.
  • Data is not just for researchers.

CIRCLE – A Lingering Question(s)

  • What is the best avenue(s) to start the conversation; to keep it going; and set the motion while keeping the momentum? (action-oriented)
  • How can we sustain the AHE Network program?
  • Why does the AHE Network look so different in each state?
  • Are we “equals” in the network structure?

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